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young blind person in city on steps

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Thriving Begins With


Thriving begins with YOU - collage of successful blind people
  • Interactive Community

  • On Demand Courses

  • Live Mentorships & Coaching

  • Personal Development


    Life best lived is life by design - Blindness does not have to be your barrier or an excuse.

    Without a success mindset and practical skills you will become one of these statistics.

  • 70% of people that are blind are unemployed

  • 70% of students who are blind do not finish high school 

  • 85% of college students who are blind drop out

  • In addition, you are at a high risk for depression, suicide, addiction, and low quality of life if you do not choose to thrive.


  • Take charge.

  • Choose to design your life for success.

  • Enjoy your journey.

  • We'll show you how.

    Kristin Smedley and Charlie Collins

    Kristin with black hair and blue eyes, wearing a light blue dress with left hand on her hip seemingly nudging Charlie with her elbow. Charlie to Kristin's right smiling, brown hair, wearing a light blue shirt and dark blue sport jacket

    Hey there,

    You had big dreams for your life or your child's life. Success and smiles abound in the mental picture of the future. And then you heard a doctor say "blind" or "progressive vision loss." It was a punch to your heart.

    Dreams shattered. Why Me's begin. The future is immediately hopeless.

    We get it. We were hopeless and part of those horrific statistics above.

    But now, we are not only part of the statistics of THRIVERS, we know exactly how to guide you to live the thriving life of your dreams too. We are Kristin Smedley and Charlie Collins, and while we have some pretty fancy credentials like education degrees and certification in success coaching, that doesn't matter as much as this:

    Kristin's two sons were born blind (LCA-CRB1)and are now thriving as college students, entrepreneurs, a recording artist and a radio show host.

    Charlie has low vision (Macular Degeneration) and has created and sold a multi- million dollar business, speaks internationally, plays guitar, and has raised two successful sighted daughters. Join us and be a thriver too.

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