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Your Support Changes Lives

Thriving Blind Academy is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to ending the literacy, employment and financial crisis in the blind community. 

laptop on a table with screenshot of membership portal and words that sayThe community that helps people impacted by blindness to move from surviving to thriving.  Community  Courses Coaching

Two Options to THRIVE!

Membership & Community

Thriving Blind Academy is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation dedicated to ending the literacy, employment and financial crisis in the blind community. This is not a support group - it is a success strategies community.  

There are two options to thrive: Buy our Yearly Membership (includes mentorship, coaching, community) or join our Free Community. Watch the video to see which one is the best fit for you!


    You may be feeling alone and fearful on this journey. Our members and mentors know exactly how you feel and will help you take the next right steps. TBA Membership includes weekly calls to connect and work through challenges. NEW TB Community Membership includes quarterly calls.



    Our self paced, online courses will guide you through parenting blind children, education planning, early childhood topics, transitions to college and the workforce, getting a job, and more. Thriving Blind Academy Membership includes courses and all special event replays.



    Live coaching programs with TBA Mentors give you opportunities to deep dive into parenting blind children, getting a job, transitioning out of high school to college or the workforce, exploring entrepreneurship and more. 

    Thriving Blind Academy Members receive discounts on coaching programs.


    If you or your child have received the diagnosis of "blind" or "progressive vision loss" you might feel like you have no idea how to survive, let alone thrive. We understand how overwhelming it can feel to realize your lack of knowledge of blindness, and succeeding without sight.


    Thriving Blind Academy is your road map.

    With our help you can navigate a world not built for blindness. We help families and individuals like you take the next right steps so that you can move from pain to purpose and thrive.

    As a Yearly Member of the Thriving Blind Academy you will gain instant access to:

    laptop cell phone and tablet with the thriving blind academy logo on each screen

    *Weekly LIVE coaching calls with mentors ($997 value)

    *VIP Ticket to the Succeed Without Sight Summit ($47 value)

    *50+ Hours of recorded mentorship/coaching sessions that dive into the Principles of Success and how they relate to living and thriving with blindness/low vision ($997 value)

    *40+ Speaker recordings from previous Succeed Without Sight Summit events ($94 value)

    *10 + guided training sessions like Succeeding Without Sight at College, Get the Job You Want and Succeed, Early Childhood Symposium, FUNposium (toys for blind/low vision children) and more! ($270 value)

    **Access to all of the above for every member of your household!**


    Total Value



    (Annually $97 OR four installments of $30 each)

    Join TBA Yearly Membership

    *Due to the generous support of our donors, we are able to offer this amount of tremendous value

    for the low price of $97 so everyone has access to these tools to thrive. IF YOU ARE NOT READY TO MAKE THIS INVESTMENT IN YOUR/YOUR CHILD'S JOURNEY TO THRIVING, please join our FREE Membership Community to equip yourself with tools to thrive in a smaller capacity. Join the FREE community here.

    Join the Thriving Blind Academy Yearly Membership in 3 Simple Steps


    Click Join Now below to go to the checkout page.


    Choose the annual charge of $97 or four quarterly installments of $30 each.


    Check your email for your unique login information for the Membership portal as well as Monday Mentorship calls, Succeed Without Sight VIP information, notices of upcoming special events, and more!

      Hear what our members say about Thriving Blind Academy:

    Take a sneak peak into our private Facebook Community:

    Screen shot of a post from Suzette May that reads I am so excited to finally get to join this group. I'm 53 and legally blind. I'm a long cane user ad I will be getting a guide dog. I had Retinopathy of Prematurity shortly after birth and had fily good vision most of my adult life until I had cataract surgery ad then I steadily lost vision.
    Post from member Milagros Lemus I love this group! You all bring me great hope for my blind so, Scott.
    Post from member Dave Steele that reads to any parent of a child with a disability please read this and share. Don't let your fears hold them back from achieving their dreams. It's not that I'm not grateful o your love I now don't need but sometimes over protection is why I don't succeed I know that what you want for me is

    "Thank you for hosting this awesome summit. It was my first time attending something like this where I can relate to so many of the speakers. I am not a parent of a blind or visually impaired kid but I personally have usher syndrome 2a and am a wife and mom. I am grateful for how far I have come and so happy to be able to experience things like this and be a part of a community of others like me."

    - Succeed Without Sight Summit Attendee

    Kristin Smedley and Charlie Collins

    Kristin with black hair and blue eyes, wearing a light blue dress with left hand on her hip seemingly nudging Charlie with her elbow. Charlie to Kristin's right smiling, brown hair, wearing a light blue shirt and dark blue sport jacket

    We know. You had big dreams for your life or your child's life. Success and smiles abound in the mental picture of the future. And then you heard a doctor say "blind" or "progressive vision loss." It was a punch to your heart.

    Dreams shattered. Why Me's began. The future was instantaneously hopeless.

    We get it. We were hopeless too.

    But now, we are thriving. We are Kristin Smedley and Charlie Collins and we know exactly how to guide you to live the thriving life of your dreams too.

    Kristin's two sons were born blind (LCA-CRB1)and are now thriving - one as a college student/radio show host, and the other working his dream job for a major corporation.

    Charlie has low vision (Macular Degeneration) and has created and sold a multi- million dollar business, speaks internationally, plays guitar, and has raised two successful sighted daughters.

    Join us and be a thriver too.

    Join TBA Yearly Membership

    Your diagnosis doesn't have to be a death sentence.

    It will be if you continue to stay stuck in anger and fear.

    It may seem easier to stay there than to take a step toward thriving. 

    However, staying in that mindset will cause you to do unnecessary things like uprooting your family and moving across the country to a school for the blind, wasting money on technology that won't help you, or sitting alone at home, day after day, in regret of the life you were supposed to have.

    At Thriving Blind Academy Yearly Membership, we bring you all the resources you need to thrive

    for just $97.

    Don't do this journey alone. Join our community.


    Living with a thriving, success mindset is a process. We send a weekly, success tip & video to your inbox to assist that process. Fill in the info below to get that info delivered to you each week!


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